Why the ‘Best Time’ of Your Life is Right Now

Best Lessons in Difficulty

Whatever you are worried about, even big stuff like losing a home or a divorce, let it go. Trust that a greater lesson and purpose is being worked out in you and your life.

Kick Shame to the Curb

We don’t have to sit in a state of shame in bad times. Shame is a liar anyway. When I could barely do anything for my kids, I felt terrible, but those times have left them humble, grateful, and driven.

Gratitude is Key

Your life is happening right now, and gratitude at the moment is key. We can be grateful for the gift of being alive if we have difficulty finding anything else to be grateful for.



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Donlyn Turnbull

Donlyn Turnbull

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to write about this thing called life. (Life transformation writer.)